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For instance, inspired by the skillfully painted fabrics of Coromandel coast, Mukherjee has conceptualised the Coromandel Velvet that comes under the Makhmal collection. The Sleep Company also offers a wide and premium range of comfort bedding accessories which includes; Organic Bamboo Fitted Sheet, Luxury Knitted Blanket, All-Weather Comforter and Bamboo Mattress Protector. An innovation of disruptive technology, the portable seat and back cushions integrated with SmartGRID, perfectly fit all types of office chairs, car seats or aeroplane seats. The Ergonomically designed SmartGRID Cushion ensures that your spine is aligned for the maximum comfort and back support. These cushions definitely represent the future of dynamic seating with SmartGRID technology, cooling air channels, convenient cleaning, and a premium looking anti skid cover.

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One of the safest gift options, from earrings to bracelets, jewellery gift options are truly unlimited. You can pick one as per the latest trends and see the happiness on the face of your loved ones. Vodafone Idea Limited is an Aditya Birla Group and Vodafone Group partnership.

Taking over a total of three months to piece it together, the ‘Kris-Kross’ chandelier fits into the structures and textures of the space seamlessly, flaunting a familiar energy alike to the one featured throughout the home. Finally fashioned in alabaster as an alternative to acrylic after multiple trial and errors in brass, wood, and concrete, the significant fixture is functionally beautiful. Decking the bedroom in a striking play of vibrant stripes is the latest Stripe Tease collection by Boutique Living, an exclusive lifestyle and home linen-focussed endeavour from the house of Indo Count Industries.

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You need to ensure that the location of the auto spare parts store is very suitable. It should be either in the middle of the city or near some garages. Boutique Living takes pride in its expertise in refined bed linen and offering the finest quality of bedding to the modern, discerning Indian consumers, who equally value their restful hours in the bedroom as much as their work hours. That’s where the brand steps in with its assortment of organic linen designs that you just can’t help but fetch one (or more!) for your bed, too. However, one should start a business based on their interest or passion and based on how much they can afford to invest in such business. Retail Business has wider scope compared to the wholesale business. Are you thinking what is the good retail business to start with low investment or looking for best shop to open in India?.

You can sell items like desktops, laptops, mouse, speakers, hard disks, etc. The success of this business depends upon the demographic situation and demand. The great Indian celebrations are incomplete without a little shimmer and shine. To cater to the spirit of the festive season, the collection also introduces alluring metallic textiles that can be used on curtains, cushions or any other décor element. Their repertoire encompasses some of the cosiest and chic-looking bed sheets, comforters, draw sheets, coverlets and fitted sheets.

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Some brands provide sustainable clothing starting at range Rs 1000 onwards. So, opening a stationery shop can be a good retail business option. A home witnesses the birth of countless journeys, stories, ideas and emotions.

The collection designed by Spanish artist and designer Jaime Hayon, changes the outlook of coffee tables from dull, monochromatic to quirky and chic. At its core, the T-Tables are functional, simple and organic. With an aim to transform formal and functional conventions into new interpretations, this series of charming coffee tables are easy to hold and move around. Bestowing interior spaces in pops of colour, this range is ideal for any segment of the house, be it formal or informal spaces. Get inspirational ideas from a range of designer wall finishes & textures to dress up your walls. 18) Pet store – If you are a pet lover, a one-stop pet store is perfect for you.

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It has better adaptivity as the GRID gives instant rebound to your body’s movements in tossing & turning during your sleep and thus helps you to enjoy a peaceful and undisturbed sleep. So next time, you find yourself turning tables at home, make sure they make heads turn, too. Sources Unlimited has the perfect furniture solution for this with the unveiling of its new range of tables by Bosa, titled T-Tables. Chaperoning warmth and life into any and every space they are fitted, the lighting fixtures from Emanate Home doubles up as objects of art animating and revamping even the smallest of spaces. Embodying a sense of divine drama in the dining room is a custom chandelier sketched by the adroit Aamir himself.

The best place to open the shop is in a mall or the center of the city. Keeping this in mind, the brand has launched its latest collection of home textiles that match a wide spectrum of design and colour schemes. J&Y Fabrics, fabrics have the potential to bring any design dream to life and render a home with an unmissable personality that catches the eye. Like the uninhibited spirit of the silkworm, the ‘Tussar’ wall texture flows effortlessly to splash an abundance of luminosity and depth to large walls. It beautifully captures the luxury and awe-inspiring character of the Tussar silk produced in the Eastern states of Bihar and Jharkhand. Each wall texture is seeded in a striking concept, derived from a dextrous native craft that was popularised either by a state or a group of craftsmen.

Being an Italian brand that manufactures ceramic decor and accessories, the creative language at Bosa is expressed with its ceaseless experimentation with the craft of ceramic. The brand’s objects in one glance double up as works of art and are made entirely by skilled hands using the age-old techniques of ceramic making. With a multitude of shapes, curves and patterns splashed with serene colour codes, Bosa brings the elegance of ceramics to modern and traditional homes in an all-new light.

While gifting make sure that the gift can be reused and recycled. There are many websites and offline stores which provide a huge variety of options in a reasonable range. Also while gifting make sure the gift wrapping sheet is not made of plastic material or any other material that may harm the environment. Cosmetic products and beauty items are always in high demand amongst ladies. To flourish in this business in the long run, you should keep high quality products.